Open Perl IDE - User Manual
Version 0.9.9

3 Editor

3.1 Editor Function Overview

Table: Editor functions
ClipboardCutCTRL-XCut selected text to clipboard.
CopyCTRL-CCopy selected text to clipboard.
PasteCTRL-VPaste text from clipboard.
EditUndoCTRL-ZUndo text changes.

RedoSHIFT-CTRL-ZRedo text changes.

Blockshift rightCTRL-SHIFT-K-IShifts selected block to the right.

Blockshift leftCTRL-SHIFT-K-UShifts selected block to the left.

Delete LineCTRL-YDelete current line.
HelpKeyword HelpF1Shows keyword index help for current word or selected text.
NavigationGoTo LineCTRL-GGo to line number.

Set BookmarkCTRL-SHIFT-0..9Sets bookmark on current line.

GoTo BookmarkCTRL-0..9Go to bookmark
SearchFind TextCTRL-FSearch and find text.

Replace TextCTRL-RSearch and replace text.

Search AgainF3Find next occurrence search text.

Hint: As an alternative, you can use the popup menu to access some of the above functions.

3.2 Editor Preferences

On the first page of the preferences dialog, the tabwidth can be set and the so called "virtual space" can be enabled or disabled. Foreground/background colors and EditorFont's type and size can be set on the Fonts&Colors tabsheet of the preferences dialog. Finally, the syntax highlighting can be defined on the third page of the preferences dialog as shown below:

Figure: Syntax Highlighting tabsheet of the preferences dialog
Syntax Highlighting

3.3 PrintPreview and Print

Use PrintPreview from the File menu or from the popup menu to open the preview window:

Figure: PrintPreview
Print Preview

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